Monday, November 14, 2011

Circle or Infinity

After having thought long and hard about this, I think the only way the beginning of "Life, the Universe and Everything Else" makes sense to me, is if there is no concept of a start and a stop.

Unfortunately, that probably means I can't begin to understand what it means to not have a start and a stop, if I don't already understand it.


Kunal said...

What is "Life, the Universe and Everything Else"? Are you talking about this blog:

Or are you perhaps referring to the Douglas Adams book "Life, the Universe and Everything", which defies the concept of beginnings and endings only if you have an incredibly anthropocentric view of the Universe.

Renuka said...

@Kunal I think I was literally referring to life, the universe and everything else. Although I wasn't quite sure, since clearly the phrase has been used a lot.